New Price List

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After 3 years of stability small adjustments to our price list are imminent: on average, prices will increase by 15%. Although this might seem a lot, the changes are a necessary reaction to the many modifications in the Conformance Test process over the last years.


On the plus side, the new price structure is a simplified version of the current one and will render costs even more transparent. Even with the increase our services will still be attractively priced.


An AEF Conformance Test will consist of the 3 following parts:

  • Price per hour for hard- or software tests: 140€ (old: 120€)
    • Only actual expenditures will be charged
  • Functionality test fee: 100€ (old: varied from 50€ to 250€)
    • Fee per AEF functionality tested
  • Service fee: 500€ (old: 240€)
    • for order processing, data management, data backups, preparation and follow-up, catering, shipping and handling
    • Is split, if multiple tests are requested at once

These prices will come into effect from July, 1st.

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