100 Conformance Tests done in 2015

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2015 has been a very successful year for the ISOBUS Test Center. In sum we have processed more than 100 conformance test requests in 2015! This number demonstrates our professional experience and the great confidence that our customers have placed in us over the past year.


The main reason for the significant rise in the numbers of conformance test requests is the increased test scope of the AEF Conformance Test Tool. All main AEF functionalities are now covered by the test. Thus our jubilee is also a success for the AEF: the number of registered users of the database is rising in sync with the number of available machines and components.


The 100th test in 2015 was performed on an ECU for DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH on December 16. To mark the jubilee and as a thank-you gesture, Mr. Wilber from DSA received a gift basket.

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